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Vancouver Fashion Week – day 3

Happy Thursaday! This is year I was lucky enough to attend Vancouver Fashion Week that was held at the Chinese Agricultural Center in Vancouver. This event runs from March 18-24 showcasing local and international designers. VFW has positioned itself as a highly successful and widely recognized event with over 20,000 guests attending the six-day event.

One designer that stood out to me the most is Evan Clayton, his collection “JENOVA” ended the night with garments that expressed profound introspection. Inspired from Yoshitaka Amano, the artist behind “Final Fantasy VII”, he explores “human compassion…with the morality of good and totality of evil being questioned”. Edgy dominatrix-like pieces contrasted light feminine garments. Once again, Evan Clayton produces a fantastic line that makes you fall more in love with every glance.


1920276_10152373505241804_1777938243_n 1920415_10152373504806804_1119552435_n 1924444_10152373503886804_706078419_n 1464610_10152373505431804_541009432_n 1977100_10152373504981804_1868829646_n

Dark, edgy, and intense are a few adjectives that could fully describe his collection. Black will never fail a Fall & Winter collection, and Des showers every garment with the shade. Asymmetrical hems, hooded capes, and cone-shaped hoods were the most interesting garments that walked during his show—however nothing stood out as much as the models makeup, which was a large black cross right in your T-zone.

1009844_10152373463291804_1350288005_n (2) 1800240_10152373463571804_412640333_n 1964909_10152373462316804_1866437967_n 1975136_10152373462971804_234774682_n

— PH


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