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Happy Easter Monday!

When we think of Easter in terms of color we usually think pastel colors.. in my case I failed to do that. Lately I’ve been leaning towards “casual” instead of “dressy” and b&w instead of colors, why? Simply because its finals week! Yay! (insert dead emoji). The outfit below is a great example of how a simple outfit can turn into something a little more “sophisticated” looking. For days when I’m not in the mood to dress up, I lean more towards the basics but I will always, always have a pop of color somewhere. Here I threw on a lightweight coat to make this outfit a little more dressy, this is definitely the perfect coat for spring and summer.

IMG_1821edited IMG_1826edited IMG_1835edited IMG_1856edited IMG_1881edited


Top: Urban Outfitters | Vest: Gap | Pants: Aritzia | Coat: H&M | Shoes: Gap | Purse: Topshop





  1. I love your blog! Your posts are all so beautiful and inspiring ❤ I can't wait to read more from you 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you!

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