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Christmas After-math

Hello! It’s been a while since I did a post… man oh man I feel like a total noob again, So to give a quick update; the reason why I haven’t been posting (not that any of you care lol) is because I’ve been super busy with school, but now that I am done I can finally start blogging.. and finally have a life YAY! If any of you are wondering what course I took, I took a fashion design course at Blanche MacDonald, it’s a one year intense program.. and by intense I mean – I.N.T.E.N.S.E basically its a 4 year program mushed into 1, why did I take it? because..well why not its only one year! But it was a great one year!

So since I’m done school I’m thinking of expanding my blog, maybe do some DIY’s, review or even baking blogs… haha who am I kidding I can’t bake! But anyway its just a thought, I do want to to make this blog a little more creative.

For today’s outfit I went a little preppy with a hint of rock! I got this dress at top shop about a couple months back for an event that I attended (picture below) and to be honest I had no idea how else to wear so I experimented and the outcome – Prep meet Rock! 


IMG_3619editIMG_3622e IMG_3625e IMG_3629e IMG_3630eIMG_3634e

Similar one are linked below:

Dress: Topshop | Jacket: XXI | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Daniel Wellinton



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