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Spontaneous trip

Today I was feeling spontaneous so I went on a trip around my city Vancouver. For today’s trip I decided to head up north and check out the Lonsdale Quay. The first time I went to this place was about 8 years ago but all I could remember was the pouring rain… typical Vancouver right? Anyway today was the complete opposite it was super sunny! (insert sexy british accent) hello sunshine! The place is still the same with a few new little shops and restaurant. It took about half an hour for me to go around the whole place and realized that there isn’t enough flower shops..upsetting? Yes, but nonetheless I still kept going!

Has any of you heard of a donut peach? And if yes, are they common or am I just not going enough to a market place to see them? I saw them for the first time today and my thoughts: super weird… how are they like that? it looks like they’ve been sat on for days! And are they sweet? The market didn’t have any samples so I couldn’t try them.

Anyways enough blabbing, enjoy the photos!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset













  1. I love Lonsdale Quay … especially when the weather in Vancouver starts to cooperate. It is not only a great location to take pictures – personal and professional but a really serene and friendly environment.

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