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Summer Time Isle ft. Weddington Way

Hello Lovely People!
Summer is here and wedding season is in full swing! We’ve all attended weddings whether you were guest, bridesmaid or groomsman we’ve all gone to one. We all had to prepare our outfits to look presentable, but what do we do to the clothes after we’re done using them? Store them right? Bridesmaid dresses can get a little intimidating sometimes, but worry not because I’ve got solutions for you! I’ve partnered up with Weddington Way to recreate bridesmaid dresses into a fun summer date outfit! Weddington Way is an online wedding boutique that specializes in all things wedding! Tuxedos, gown, accessories… spanx? haha they have it! They are the perfect online boutique!
So Let’s say you’re going on a brunch with you girlfriends or maybe a fun summer date with a special someone and you can’t find anything to wear. A bridesmaid dress is perfect for those occasions, you can pair it with a nice fedora hat for that semi casual look or pair it with a nice low block heels for chic romantic vibe.

strolling in paris

Happy Wedding! ❤


  1. Great style pointers and those boards are so ridiculously pretty and captivating. Unfortunately I am Indian and we have to literally spend an arm and leg on our outfits and sometimes its quite the challenge to transition that piece into a more practical and sensible option for later. Haha oh the struggles!


    • Thank you! & OMG I bet but Indian weddings are sooo beautiful, everything so over the top and so colorfull! I’m still waiting to get invited to one haha

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