Author: honorph

One piece one beach

” Welcome to Waikiki Beach Home of the Royal Hawaiian Beachboys” Oh Waikiki my eyes is mesmerize by your beauty, though you are full of diverse group of people you still manage to shine. BRB  while I look for my beau ~~~ Bathing suit made by me | Shorts by Pacsun | Sunglasses by H&M | Tote by Aritzia  //

Chloe Inspired Dress

Hello Spring! Two days before my trip to Hawaii I saw this beautiful Chloe dress featured on their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. With 2 days left I thought theres no way I would finish this dress.. but I wanted it soon bad and I couldn’t afford it, so I thought why not just recreate it. Let’s get started! Materials you need: 2 meters of white cotton or linen fabric 2 meters of lace and white silk cord Here are the steps: 1. For the bodice cut out 4 long triangle shapes, mine was 14″ tall and 7.5″ wide at the base. Two for your actual fabric and two for the lining 2. With the wrong sides together sandwich the lace between the actual fabric and lining sewing at 1/4″. Trim the edges and flip to the right sides. 3. Cut the lace waistband according to how loose you want it to be around your body mine was 35″ 4. Cut a large rectangle for the skirt, mine was 15″l  x 70″w. On the longest stitch length possible, sew …