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New Year, New look ft. Warby Parker

New Year. Beginning of a new chapter. The holiday season has come and gone and New Year’s resolutions are in full blast. To those who follow resolutions, many would say that new look and new attitude would be on their list. In this case, mine would be to “keep learning”. The world is big, fascinating and complex, with so much to be explored. I can’t think of a better way to see that than with a perfect 20/20 vision. I’ve partnered up with Warby Parker to launch two of their new collections, Winter 2017 and Resort 2017. To give a little background, this company started as an adventure that later turned into a good cause. “We were students when one of us lost his glasses on a backpacking trip. The cost of replacing them was so high that he spent the first semester of grad school without them” (not recommended) this problem urged them to create a product that is stylish and affordable. Resort 2017 is all about a modern take on retro shapes. This collection offer varieties of …

Paris, France

Paris – The city of love. Like every girls dreams, this place has always been in my bucket list. Thankfully I’ve save enough money to cross that off my list! Our trip was very short due to the package we’ve chosen but that just means we have a reason to go back. During my time in the city I was able to see and go up the Eiffel tower, see the Louvre, snapped Arc de Triomphe and walked around the Notre Dame. The weather was so wonderful but scorching hot, 36 degrees if I’m not mistaken! You can’t tell at all but I’m definitely covered in sweat in all these photos. Despite my short stay, I had an amazing time and saw most of the main attraction. Paris, you have heart and I will definitely come back.