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Almond Flour Blondie

*BEWARE* These fudge blondies are OUT OF CONTROL delicious. Today I was craving something chocolaty but nothing too much so I searched the mighty google and saw these! I  tried them out and my oh my they are amazing! The ingredients and directions are super easy to follow so these babies are for sure perfect to come out when you try them out! Advertisements

Apple Crumble Bars

Hello everyone! Not a lot of people know this.. (unless you follow me on snapchat) but one thing i love to do on my spare time is to bake. I love baking! Ever since I finished my design program I’ve been doing a lot of baking, instead of sewing (sigh).. But anyway I figured since I do it so often now and that the finish product actually comes out nice why not just include it on my blog. So here it is! For my first (food) blogpost why not share one of my favorite apple recipes; Apple Pie Crumbs.


Baby pineapples for home decor? I think YES! This is perfect for those who live in a busy environment and wants to have that hit of tropical vibes! Let’s be amigos! Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram